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Personal protective equipment

The SIGGI brand specialising in Personal Protective Equipment.
Our articles and materials are properly certified in accordance with the current regulations and UNI EN European standards and specially designed for each type of risk. Attention to worker safety never takes away from a style that is always bold and current.

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Safety without compromise

Certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) according to current regulations, these garments are designed to address specific workplace hazards and protect workers even from the risk of death. From high visibility to heat protection, from waterproofing to electrostatic discharge protection, Siggi HiTech is a guarantee of safe dressing at work.

Certified right from the design stage

Every Siggi HiTech garment is constructed in accordance with strict international safety standards. Pockets, pocket covers, cuffs and accessories, and not only, are designed upstream and manufactured following precise specifications. Reliability and compliance with strict regulations are the foundation of every detail, ensuring maximum protection for professionals.