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Product patents

Siggi Group keep on investing in Innovation and Research&Development, offering unique products at the front of technical innovation.

Some of these are covered by product patents ensuring the safeguard of the invention and of the authenticity of the product, thus offering to the customers innovative and exclusive solutions, that cannot be reproduced from third parties.


The Switch parka project arises from the need of end users for a safe and practical product. With his movable refracting bands placed on breast, sleeves and back, it allows the regulation of the visibility level simply turning up or down the bands.

The Switch parka is made of waterproof and cold resistant fabrics, as provided by UNI standards and thanks to a careful product design project, it turns out to be a very comfortable garment, without missing a young and fresh style by Siggi.


Trinity is the most recent product launched by Siggi, a pair of trousers revolutionary for the traditional size system, that obtained the product patent exactly for its uniqueness.

Thanks to a careful study of the model and the style, this garment stands out for its sophisticated multisize system that makes it adaptive and fitting to different physical shapes giving the best comfort to the user.