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Babis colegio/guardería

La marca SIGGI dedicada a los niños.
Babis, casacas, chándales, sudaderas y kits de guardería creados a medida para los niños, pensando en la comodidad de quien los va a usar, en la calidad de los materiales, en la facilidad de mantenimiento y en un estilo simpático y gracioso.

amici di grembiule

Recommended by pediatricians

We asked for an authoritative opinion to endorse what we have been producing since more than 50 years: smocks for school and kindergarden.

A survey has been performed by the National Centre for Childhood and Youth Health (Paidoss), concerning the use of smocks at school and involving 1.050 pediatricians in Italy.

At the end of the survey and the data analysis, we can confirm the worth of smocks in school environment.

The survey points out that the doctors consider the smocks as an excellent protection for children and an essential ally for their school activities.

Dei pediatri sostiene che
Il grembiulino promuove il senso di appartenenza al gruppo
Dei pediatri sostiene che
Il grembiulino è igienico e favorisce l’igiene personale dei piccoli, aumentando la protezione da virus e malattie
Dei pediatri sostiene che
Il grembiulino protegge gli abiti da macchie, strappi e altri danni

Green Project

The urgency to embrace a more responsible and attentive behavior towards the environment, lead us to some specific and well defined choices for our new collection.

We’re not following a trend, we’re engaging ourselves to convert the respect for the Nature, from a simple message to a concrete action.

Besides choosing for our products a low impact packaging, we introduce the first Green and Safe smock.

Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, with certified materials complying with standards for children clothing.

Tessuto composto da cotone organico e poliestere riciclato

Packaging a basso impatto ambientale Eco-friendly Packaging

Conforme all’abbigliamento delle normative per bambini

Realizzato con materiali certificati per garantire l’atossicità

Eco-friendly Packaging

Respect for nature is a topic theme that inspires us, an important issue that young people is spreading worldwide.

The ECOFRIENDLY PACKAGING project consists in choice of recyclable or mostly recycled materials for all the elements that compose our packaging: shoppers, tags, card and their laces, hangers, boxes and bags.

The theme of nature inspires also some styles and design of the smocks of last collections.

Junior Masks

Monomask Junior are the colorful and reusable masks created for little ones.

They are medical devices and therefore suitable for school environment.

They are colorful and soft.

They are Made in Italy.

They are packed in practical 10 pcs bags.

You can buy them in our online shop.