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Happy school

School / pre-school smocks

The SIGGI brand dedicated to children. smocks, jackets, athletic suits, sweatshirts and pre-school kits made to fit children, keeping in mind comfort for the wearer, quality of materials, easy maintenance and a friendly and playful style.



Schoolmate is the Siggi Happy School collection of suits, sweatshirts and polo shirts for free time and school: a line of comfortable, versatile and Oeko-Tex certified clothing, for boys and girls aged 2 to 16.

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The OEKO TEX Standard 100 is a worldwide uniform control and certification system for raw materials, semi-finished and finished textile products in all stages of processing, which aims at the complete absence of substances harmful to humans and the environment.
The items in the Siggi Horeca, Siggi Beauty and Dr.Blue collections have obtained the OEKO-TEX®️️ Standard 100 certification.

Recommended by pediatricians

We asked for an authoritative opinion to endorse what we have been producing since more than 50 years: smocks for school and kindergarden. A survey has been performed by the National Centre for Childhood and Youth Health (Paidoss), concerning the use of smocks at school and involving 1.050 pediatricians in Italy. At the end of the survey and the data analysis, we can confirm the worth of smocks in school environment. The survey points out that the doctors consider the smocks as an excellent protection for children and an essential ally for their school activities.

of pediatricians affirms that
Smocks help boost the sense of belonging to a group
of pediatricians affirms that
Smocks are hygienic and keep children clean, increasing the protection from viruses and diseases
of pediatricians affirms that
Smocks prevent clothes from being stained, ripped or generally damaged


The urgency to embrace a more responsible and attentive behavior towards the environment, lead us to some specific and well defined choices for our new collection.

We’re not following a trend, we’re engaging ourselves to convert the respect for the Nature, from a simple message to a concrete action.

Besides choosing for our products a low impact packaging, we introduce Greenbiulino, the first Green and Safe smock.

Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, with certified materials complying with standards for children clothing.

Fabric made of organic cotton and recycled polyester

Eco-friendly Packaging with low environmental impact

In compliance with children's clothing regulations

Manufactured with certified materials to guarantee its non-toxic qualities

Eco-friendly Packaging

Respect for nature is a topic theme that inspires us, an important issue that young people is spreading worldwide.

The ECOFRIENDLY PACKAGING project consists in choice of recyclable or mostly recycled materials for all the elements that compose our packaging: shoppers, tags, card and their laces, hangers, boxes and bags.

The theme of nature inspires also some styles and design of the smocks of last collections.

We dress children all over the world

Siggi Group supports a project for kindergartens in Chimbote, which is located in the north of Peru, where population in last decades has grown fast, due to migrants escaping from Sierra and Selva.

Father Ugo De Censi, salesian priest, founder of Mato Grosso project, in 2014 decided to embrace the people of these shanty towns.

A great adventure started with the aim to build kindergartens. In a few months they’ve built five schools for poor children of Chimbote.

Since 2017 Siggi has been supporting this mission, following the growth of new structures, that are now ready to host many other children.


Let’s learn together! Discover our fun “Playground”, the section dedicated to children where you can download educational games to develop creativity and the themes of belonging to the group, personal hygiene, the use of ecological materials and to learn about the different professions.