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The activities of brothers Silvio and Gino Marta starts with a textiles business and then evolves into the resale of shirts made by third parties to wholesalers in Vicenza. Due to a meeting between Silvio Marta and the parish priest of Dorsino (Trento), the first inside production ‘laboratory’ forms in the old Trento theatre, making work shirts, skirts and women’s blouses. This experience has a societal goal as well as a business goal, to limit the emigration of local women to Switzerland because of a lack of employment.

The birth of Siggi Confezioni S.p.A.

In 1966, the two brothers rent a small building in Schio (Vicenza), creating an artisan workplace and forming a corporation whose name was taken from the first syllables of their names: SIGGI Confezioni S.p.A. A few years later, the two owners decide to specialise in the manufacture of work clothes and school smocks, and they construct a larger building at San Vito di Leguzzano.

The acquisition of Zaccaria and Ferracin Confezioni

The growth of the company continues in 1990 with the acquisition of the Vicenza company Zaccaria S.p.A., a company formed in 1947 as a producer of household textiles that became a leader in the field of professional clothing and linens for health care. Next, in 2001, is the acquisition of Ferracin Ltd., a company dating back to 1885 that had come to specialise in clothing for outdoor professions. As a brand, Siggi became important in the market with special products for local police, local governments and municipal agencies.

The birth of Siggi Group S.p.A.

The plans for reorganisation and development of the company owned by the Marta family, begun in 2004, culminated in 2007 with the formation of Siggi Group S.p.A., a leading industrial group in the field of professional clothing and school uniforms. In 2016, Siggi Group is a rejuvenated, dynamic company that celebrates its first 50 years and heads for the future with enthusiasm and determination.