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The group

Siggi Group S.p.A. is an industrial group specialising in the production of professional clothing. It can provide specific solutions to the needs of those working in industry, business, artisanship, catering, government and the medical/hospital field as well as the world of child care.


Siggi Group produces professional clothing, schoolchildren’s clothing, medical devices and personal protection equipment. The many strengths of these products include: suitability for the purpose; compliance with relevant safety standards; product durability; comfort and wearability; and high quality standards. These features, along with innovation and constant research, show the uniqueness of Siggi Group products. Customer service is the main reference goal for the group’s success.


Siggi Group represents an organisation with the goal of expansion, innovation and continued strength. It firmly believes in planning for constant improvement in business quality. The vision is a dynamic, flexible organisation with a healthy corporate culture, professionalism and appropriate expertise. The group aspires to evolve and grow in the Italian market and beyond, developing increasingly greater specialisation and innovation in its current fields, thus becoming the point of reference for the market.


Siggi Group is an organisation that complies with current regulations on work contracts, safety, environmental needs, appropriate workplaces, equipment for the disabled and the production of articles that observes the regulations of those who comply with them. Quality, Innovation, Accuracy and Involvement. Management believes in a transparent, cooperative relationship with all staff, consultants and customers, making them participants in the development of the company through meetings and special events.

Integrated management system

The pillars of a virtuous growth The principal purpose of Siggi Group is a continuous improvement process, applied to all the business areas. According to international standards, the company has implemented an integrated management system to constantly maintain a high level of commitments regarding management, ethics, environment, and safety at work. Now, Siggi Group is one of the first Italian companies with such a certification system; the auditors also rewarded the quality of the company's management system.



Quality Approved by ISO9001 Certification, the business process optimization meets company’s principal purpose: to provide customers with the best products and achieve their satisfaction.


Environment Thanks to a rigorous selection of raw materials following quality and sustainable standards, the company obtained the ISO14001 Certification.


Safety at work Every activity is focused on improving health and safety in the workplace, and the ISO45001 Certification marks a significant step in the overall effort to improve company’s standards.


Ethics Passion, dedication, and collaboration are core values of the Siggi Group’s 50-year heritage, passed down through two generations to set our company ethics which is now certificated by the SA8000 standard.

Analysis Laboratory

Siggi Group uses an ANALYSIS LABORATORY that is fully equipped with modern, regularly certified equipment, which it uses to carry on performance testing on raw materials and finished products


Siggi Group is a firm believer in the importance of its human capital and in providing its personnel the opportunity to grow and acquire knowledge and skills that improve their quality of life and the quality of the work they do. Because of this, for more than 20 years the company has invested in training and has strengthened its partnership with GRUEMP Ltd. , a Padua-based company that offers us broad guarantees of quality, expertise and professionalism, with which it performs training, organisational consulting and coaching activities.

The company lives for business, but this is based on human relationships, the real heritage upon which to build stable and profitable professional relations.

Company Quality is expressed not only through business but also through People.