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Technical / industrial / artisan clothing

The SIGGI brand dedicated to the industrial, artisan and service world.
Professional clothing designed to meet the needs of these diverse categories; garments that are hard-wearing, comfortable and easy on maintenance
Innovation, constant research into materials and attention to details make Siggi Workwear clothes the perfect solution for comfort and style.

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Technicality and comfort for the modern worker

Siggi Workwear garments are the essence of practicality and comfort for workers. Made from tough and durable technical fabrics that are stretchy and comfortable, they offer high protection and great freedom of movement. The inclusion of reflex details ensures visibility and safety, while the coordinated design allows for eye-catching aesthetic combinations between garments.

Functionality and accessories to never stop

Siggi Workwear garments feature a range of technical features and accessories designed to make work easier. For example, large hammer pockets and multifunctional side pockets provide convenience and accessibility to all the tools you need…without having to constantly stop to look for your tools of the trade!