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Siggi Horeca with Chef Lorenzo Cogo

From the cooperation between Siggi Horeca and the Chef Lorenzo Cogo, the child prodigy of the Italian Kitchen, honoured at the age of 25 with the prestigious Michelin star thus becoming the youngest awarded Chef, arises a new Siggi branded project.
With the opening of the new location of his Restaurant, El Coq, in Vicenza in Piazza dei Signori in the prestigious and historical Caffè Garibaldi, in the front of Palladio Cathedral, Lorenzo Cogo decided to renew his look too, cooperating with Siggi for the creation of two aprons.
The Bistro apron, made in jeans and leather braces, has a fresh and bold style; the Chef apron is an alternative option for the classic Chef jacket, designed basically thinking to the real needs of those working every day in the kitchen and considering their work not only as job but as form of art. These two exclusive aprons, practical and comfortable, are now available for everyone.
Siggi Horeca and Lorenzo Cogo, together for a new kitchen fashion.